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Let’s Look

It’s Let’s Look April Edition Today, we are looking in the Fridge and Freezer. I’m linking up with MixandMatchMama and alittlebitofeverything

Hopefully, my kitchen is getting a remodel soon. I’ll be sure to share before and after pics. But, I wanted to share some of my favorite keto finds. I am an avid low carber. I try to stick to a keto lifestyle year round. Maybe a little tmi, but I have Crohn’s and it keeps me in remission. It mean, really, once you get past the first week, it’s easy peasy. That’s not to say I don’t have a cheat meal now and again. But back to the topic....favorite low carb meals and snacks.

I cannot say enough good things about Realgood stuffed chicken. Just pop it in the air fryer and it is all kinds of good!

I love, love, love chocolate. Seriousl, it could be considered an addiction. So, an Atkins treat is a favorite. I love the little m & m’s. They are delicious!

Last but not least...Russell Stover sugar assorted candies. These are low carb and a quick snack.

if you have any questions about keto or low carb living just message me.

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