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Meal Planning Monday

Today’s post comes courtesy of #SamsClub. This is not a sponsored post. It‘s just some of my favorite finds this week. We do not have a Costco, so I don’t have another wholesale type store to compare it to. But, I do love me some Sam’s.

Monday- Ham, potatoes, corn and green beans.

Tuesday-Stuffed chicken breasts with a salad. These are the best. They are a huge hit here. Pop them in the air fryer and they are perfect.

And these are a great keto option. I tried the spinach and artichoke this week and they were delicious!

Wednesday-Honey bbq bites. You could pair these with just about any veggie.

Thursday- Pizza. It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno.

Friday-Breakfast for dinner. Chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. I love, love, love turkey bacon.

Here are a few more good finds. This might sound weird but this is our favorite toilet paper of all time. It has a great price(important considering how much to this family goes through) and excellent quality.

And I found these yummy keto snacks.

My kids love these. They are super easy to pop in the air fryer then add sauce. Big hit over here but a little spicy.

Happy Meal Planning Monday!

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