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Motivational Meal Planning Monday

I’m back! My husband and I had a much needed vacay. More on that tomorrow. But today, it’s Motivational Meal Planning Monday!

I love this quote!

Now for some great meals!

Monday-Meat sauce spaghetti with spaghetti squash, salad and garlic bread. Omit the garlic bread and this is a great Keto meal.

Tuesday-Taco Tuesday. Just your standard ground meat tacos(hard and soft, refried beans and a little Spanish rice. Keto version- make a taco salad with meat and veggies.

Wednesday-Take out Pizza!

Thursday-Italian chicken. It’s so easy just bake raw chicken breasts in Italian dressing until cooked. This is a kid favorite around here. Served with corn and broccoli with cheese. Omit the corn and this is a great Keto meal.

Friday-Hot sandwiches. Kind of like a grilled cheese. Just add your favorite lunch meat and cheeses. We like these with chips and dip or veggies and dip. Keto Version- I use low carb tortillas.

For Mother’s Day I made this delicious Apple Crisp Cheesecake. It is super simple! Start with store bought graham cracker crust, then I used a box cheesecake bc it’s the hubs favorite(but you could make your own), pour into crust, add caramel apple pie filling on top of cheesecake filling, then add the crisp topping(recipe below). Refrigerate until ready to eat.

Crisp topping recipe

1/4 c. Melted unsalted butter

1/2c. Brown sugar

1/2c. Quick oats

1/2c. Flour

Mix together and crumble on top of apple filling.

Happy Monday!!!

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